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The Self-Love Journey

The Self-Love Journey

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Loving yourself is a journey that's both enjoyable and enlightening. The Self Love Journey is a journal that will guide you and help you heal and understand what does loving yourself really mean. You'll get a better understanding of yourself and your feelings throughout the different sections of the journal - through questions, excercises, and journal prompts that'll help you heal, progress, and evolve. It's going to be your favorite part of your daily routine.

What's inside the Self-Love Journey? / How will this journal help me? 
- Journal prompts
- Shadow work questions that will help you understand yourself on a deeper level
- Excercises that will pave the way for your healing journey
- Understand why do you act & feel in different situations
- Guided plan that'll help you understand how to love and take care of yourself
- Dive into a new dimension of your mental & physical health
- Understanding the importance of healing your inner child & setting boundaries to shape your life the way you want
- +7 different sections covering all aspects of self-love; explaining the importance of every aspect, questions to guide you, exercises to help through your journey, and prompts to help you uncover your inner strengths, release past burdens, and cultivate a mindset of growth and forgiveness

It's time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and become the empowered, radiant individual you were always meant to be💗

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